Our Madlug bags have arrived

Our Madlug bags have arrived

Posted 27th July 2022

Madlug works in partnership with the National House Project, and Gareth, Dave and the Madlug team have been in communication with Midlothian House Project to ensure our community got some gift bags. Now these are not your average gift bags, these are Giving bag (see image) that our community can use to transport their belongings.

As promoted on Madlug's website, "the bag itself is unbranded to avoid stigma. It folds away to fit neatly into a sock drawer or a Social Worker’s car boot without wasting storage space. And each bag has a label that says “You are incredible” to remind every child that they have value, worth and dignity", Madlug 2020.  

Check out this amazing company and make a difference to a care experienced young person. 

Check out their website, Gift a bag | Make A Difference Luggage – Madlug

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